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Irido-Radiant Micellar Lotion

For sensitive and stressed-out skins, in need of extremely gentle yet ultra-efficient cleansing.

The first step of the NAC-A ritual, this ultra-refreshing toner removes make-up and gently eliminates impurities. The subtle pink and fragrant formula comforts overworked skin with its soothing chamomile and cornflower water. Its micellar surfactants transport the active ingredients of the toner and release them upon contact with the skin. With its antioxidant, repairing and moisturising agents, it perfectly prepares the skin for an optimum skincare ritual.

6.7 oz.

    • Irido-Radiant Micellar Lotion
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  • Irido-Radiant Micellar Lotion
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Based on the principles of ophthalmology, Apot.Care takes the science used for keeping eyes healthy and transfers these mechanisms to the skin, for active anti-ageing care that can be used on even the most sensitive of skins.

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