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NEW Limited Edition Rosa Mundi Candle

Diptyque glorifies the rose, with a candle specially created for the occasion, in a limited edition, bearing the sweet name of Rosa Mundi. A name that sounds like... an ancient rose, descendant of the famous Damask rose... and a love story that has become a myth over the centuries. According to the legend, the name of this variety was inspired by Rosamund Clifford, a woman of great beauty, and mistress to King Henry II of England Known as Rosamund the Fair, or Rose of the World, in 1176 she was poisoned by Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry’s Queen, who was madly jealous of her. Devastated by grief, and forever inconsolable, the King wished to commemorate the woman he had loved so much So on every anniversary of their meeting, he demanded that her grave be covered in this particular variety of rose.

A surprising scent... soothing, romantic and sparkling. At the heart of the fragrance are two
of the most precious flowers in perfumery: the Centifolia rose (or Rose de Mai) and the Damaskrose,
exceptional ingredients with rich, opulent notes The olfactory composition of the candle is designed
to celebrate the multiple aromas of the rose in its natural state, as it blossoms over time.
Blackcurrant and bergamot bring a fresh, sparkling flourish to the top note, tempered by the fruity note of lychee, which accentuates the petal sensation Geranium and hedione also accentuate the natural freshness of the flower, while the base notes contain rounded, woody white musk, the leathery, mossy accord of cedar and delicious touches of honey to reinforce the sensual aspect of the fragrance.


Burn time: 50-60 hours

    • Limited Edition Rosa Mundi Candle
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  • NEW Limited Edition Rosa Mundi Candle
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